ShopeePay Near Me - The 1 Sen Voucher Let You Save More Money

What you can get with 1 sen today?

It's probably nothing. 

Furthermore, as the inflation rate is rising, apart from finding ways to increase our income, we also want to know if there is a way we can get more stuff with the same bucks!

The good news is, there is, you can save some money paying digitally via an e-wallet like ShopeePay.

Shopee's (listed at NYSE as Sea Limited) ambition is to become The #1 Super App for Southeast Asia. Thus from time to time, it is having some crazy promo to drive consumer adoption.

This time? It lets you get RM2 by paying just 1 sen. (Applicable to selected merchants like KFC, Tesco / Lotus, MR DIY, Econsave, 2CO, etc), or some with 3% cashback (Maximum 300 Shopee coins which worth about RM3)

Human is a creature of habit, Shopee knows well it won't become your go-to Super App if you are not using it daily. (Think - DAU aka Daily Active Users). And once you have this habit of using it daily, anything from buying online to paying offline or ordering food via the app, then you cannot live without it! 

So this is why Shopee (and other Super App providers are investing so heavily in subsidizing deals for consumers). Just that, good things don't last, they never will. 

So enjoy while it lasts. :)

Step 1: Open Shopee App, Click "ShopeePay Near Me"

Step 2: You will be shown a list of Shopee voucher deals 

Step 3: Can't locate your favorite merchants? Try Search for it

Step 4: Found the deal? Each voucher is different, read the T&C.  Some merchants have multiple vouchers or cashback, but mostly you can use only one per transaction.

Step 5: For eg, this voucher entitled us RM2 cashback (min RM5 spent) for only RM0.01

Step 6: Buy the voucher with ShopeePay. Below it will list more deals for you!

Step 7: Pay for Malaysian Favorite Fried Chicken, remember to apply the voucher during payment!

Step8: RM2 Cashback earned! Now we get to save more with our hard-earned money!  

Thousands of merchants inside: I have tried with 99speedmart (covid test kit deal for RM3), KFC, Econsave, Family Mart, MR DIY, how about you?  

adrian oh

We r going to die anyway... so be it! Lets build something!

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