Boost - How much is one Boost coin worth?

Are you a Boost eWallet user? 

If you are, every time when you make payment with Boost, you are rewarded with coins. Basically the higher the amount spent, the more coints rewarded.

But how much is exactly one Boost coin worth? Guess? 

There are 2 ways to find out.

1) Look at The Redemption Catalogue

How much coins can be exchanged for vouchers? and we are strictly talking about CASH VOUCHERS here, where you can use as real cash when you shop with the merchants, regardless online or offline. This is more accurate in reflecting coin values as merchants normally do not heavy discount (or no dicsount at all) on such vouchers.

You can exchange for Postpaid Wallet, 800 Boost coins for RM5.

So RM 5 divided by 800 coins, you get

1 Boost Coin ~ 0.625 sen.

Boost Redemption - Cash Vouchers

2) or Look at the Coin to Cash Conversion

In this case, you can see, Boost eWallets users can pay bills and use a portion of the coins (determined by system) to offset your bills. So, this is pretty much the closest thing to determine the cash value. 

You can exchange 340 Boost coins for RM2.

So RM 2 divided by 340 Boost coins, you get

1 Boost Coin ~ 0.588 sen.

So compare these 2 eg. For ease of calculation, you can assume that 1 Boost coin is almost equivalent to 0.6 sen (Not even 1 sen yet), means for 100 Boost coins, you got RM0.60 in your pocket.

1 Boost Coin ~ 0.6 sen  
100 Boost Coins ~ 60 sen


Boost Points to Cash Conversion

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