Touch'n Go (TNG) eWallet New Limit Unleashed

What's New for TNG? 

Tounch'n Go (TNG) eWallet just annouce a new Premium account tier, on top of existing Lite or Pro Tier. 

If you are already a Pro users, you are no longer confined to the ceiling wallet limit of RM5000, as the new Premium tier offer you an eWallet limit of up to RM20,000! 

How Do You Upgrade to Premium?

To upgrade from Lite to Pro user, you'd need to complete your eWallet Account Verification.

To upgrade from a Pro to a Premium user, you will need to make a transaction on any of these 2 products.

  • Upgrade Your eWallet to GO+ (For muslim, the GO+ Money Market Fund is now Syariah Compliant)
  • Renew Your CarInsurance with CarInsur

Once you done any of above transaction, then just proceed to upgrade your Pro account to Premium! Once you are on Premium, it means you can also perform one single transaction in RM20,000 (maximum), so no more complain about TNG cannot pay for big ticket item deposit, or even a second hand car!  

What are the key differences of TNG Lite vs Pro vs Premium? 

For ease of comparison, we put this up in a spreadsheet for you :) 

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